Bartek Mirecki is going to race with Formula Renault again

Bartek Mirecki is going to race with Formula Renault again

Polish driver Bartek Mirecki is going to race a car, which brought him championship win in F3-Trophy category last year in L21 Formula series.

New season is just around the corner. How did you spend winter break? Any kind of preparation?

I spent the same like I think all drivers, a lot of gym time and simulator time. In my case, nothing special, the same winter like previous

You will race with Formula Renault again, which you know very well…

Yes sure I will start with the same car this year. Nothing new for start of season, maybe in middle of year I will start with VW Golf in Endurace race but we still preparing car for that and looking for second driver.

And how about you? What do you do for being a faster driver then before?

Hmm it’s hard question, really. I know all track very good, we have good setups, and start in the same specification of car like last year. But the most important when you won championships, it’s hard to be faster (for sure it’s joke!). Me and my team try to do everything as good as we can to fight for one more tittle, I know all of track very good and we got good setups, but always you can do it better, or find something ‚new’ in corners to be faster.

You had very succesfull season 2018, what kind of results do you expect this year?

I won last year, so goal for season is just one, try to win again, but at the moment I haven’t got start list for first race weekend , and I don’t know how hard it could be, but with team we do everything what we can. I hope we will have more wet races, then it’s easier to fight with F3 cars which got more power than me. And the most important as always in my opinion to have fun from racing and meet new people.

Do you have any other racing plans beside Eset V4 Cup?

As I told before, we are preparing car for Endurace if we finish car, I should start. Also we start season in Rally car – Subaru Impreza, where I leading the championships at the moment. We have plan to start in Polish Championships, and maybe guest start in Clio Cup and Rallycross, but it’s depend of time and sponsors in end of season, not earlier.