Adam Rzepecki has two goals, defend title and fight with faster cars

Adam Rzepecki has two goals, defend title and fight with faster cars

Polish driver Adam Rzepecki is going to be back behind the wheel of Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, which is take care by family team Basenhurt A&T Racing. After winning GTC class last year, Adam Rzepecki wants to defend the title, but he also has an ambition to fight with drivers from faster GT3 class.

Last year, you became a champion of GTC class with Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and also you finished fourth overall. So, talk us through last year. What were the highs and lows of your 2021 season?
Last year I was determined every weekend to fight for the highest position. In every race weekend was one good race, one worse. I don´t know why. My best and happiest weekend was at Grobnik. I was there for the first time and it was amazing! At Grobnik I felt pressure from GT3 class, because I was really close to Piotr Wira and I was fighting for third place in GT3. It was the most exciting moment of the season, I think. The worst and saddest moment of the season was in final event at Brno. In second race I was in front of my rival Piotr Wira for the most of the time, but my gearbox got blocked and I lost chance for P3 in GT3 Class. After the race I never felt so disappointment in my career…

To be able to fight for overall positions with GT3 cars from different and faster class must be satisfying for you.
It is very satisfying for me. I planned that maybe I will be able to fight with faster cars and it happened. For me this is proof that I am experienced driver and I have high skills.

You came from Renault Clio to Porsche and did really good. Is there something you still need to learn or be better in terms of driving in Porsche?
In every car I drove, there was always new things to learn, the feeling, finding where is the limit. And every car was different. I already drove Porsche some years ago, so rear wheel drive isn´t scary for me. I drove the Porsche whole season, but I feel I don´t know the car for 100 %. Sometimes I’m still afraid to take the corner at full speed. Maybe it depends on settings or just I’m afraid to crash the car.

As I mentioned, you have won your GTC class last year, so what goals do you set for upcoming season?
For upcoming season, I will defend the title of GTC class and I would like to be higher in GT3 class. Last year there was a problem with the car, it was not well prepared, so I will make sure the car is very well prepared this time.

Who do you see as your main rivals this year?
It is hard to say because I don´t know who will be racing. HoweverI don´t have real rivals at the paddock, I respect drivers. Anyone with whom I´ll race at the track side by side and fight for the position, will be my rival.

You are racing for family team Basenhurt A&T Racing with your brother Tomasz, who will be competing in TCR Eastern Europe with VW Golf. Is it possible for both of you to help each other, even if you are racing in different championships? Do you give each other advices?
At every race weekend we have our trainer Zbigniew Szwagierczak, multiple Polish champion in racing and he gives us advices and together we analyse onboards and try to find mistakes to be faster and faster.

What do you think about returning to Red Bull Ring?
I am very happy about returning to Red Bull Ring. We are waiting for this amazing track from 2020 in our team. I never drove there with fast car as Porsche so I think it will be good fun to drive there.