A hunt on Sandström in Clio Cup Bohemia

A hunt on Sandström in Clio Cup Bohemia

This weekend marks Round 3 of this year’s Clio Cup Bohemia season. Filip Sandström aims to continue winning at Poznan, Poland, but he will have to face some very difficult competition.

The beginning of this year’s Clio Cup Bohemia series was all about the domination of one driver – Filip Sandström. The Swedish driver from the Carpek Service team won both races in both events at Hungaroring and Slovakiaring, which means he now leads the championship by 49 points. And at Poznan, he does not want to slow down.

However, his competition is ready to challenge him, and the Swedish driver will have to look out especially for his teammate Erik Bertilsson and Richard Meixner. Bertilsson took 3 podiums in the first 4 races, with Meixner showing very consistent performances, which puts him into 3rd place in the championship standings.

But there is also Z.S.P Motorsport Kft team with Levente Losonczy and Balint Hatvani. They are currently in 4th and 5th places in the standings, with two podium results for each driver. Hatvani had an especially successful first race at Slovakiaring, where he was battling Sandström for the win for a long time. But Miha Primožič also has potential, as he finished in 3rd place in the opening race at Hungaroring.

There are also names like Mark Mramor or Juuso Panttila. Mramor, who is supported by the ESET Race Star project, was not very lucky in the opening races of the season, as he grabbed only 8 points, but he is definitely fast. Last year, he was able to achieve some really good results. On the other hand, Panttila can rely on support from the dominant Carpek Service team.

Mark Mramor had a bad luck in first two rounds. Photo: Petr Frýba

Opening photo: Petr Frýba