Introducing circuits of the 2022 season – Hungaroring

Introducing circuits of the 2022 season – Hungaroring

It has become a tradition, that every new season of the ESET Cup begin at Hungaroring circuit in Budapest. With the exceptions of pandemic year 2020, this circuit has opened every season and this year will be no exception. The world-famous track with a rich history will welcome ESET Cup from 8th to 10th April.

The former head of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone, is behind the development of the Hungaroring. His visit of the place in 1983 started the accelerated circuit development. The actual construction began on October 1, 1985, and in March the following year the first race was held on the track and in August the Hungarians welcomed Formula 1. Nelson Piquet won the then Hungarian Grand Prix with Williams.

The race had a huge audience interest and for fans from the iron curtain, the race became a unique opportunity to see the world stars of international motorsport. Hungary has hosted F1 continuously since 1986 and the circuit itself has been modernized over the years to retain its Formula 1 license.

The original length of the track was 4014 meters, however, by interfering with its profile, in order to improve the conditions for overtaking, the current length is 4318 meters. The circuit has 14 turns. The capacity of spectators is 70,000.

In last year´s ESET Cup weekend at Hungaroring celebrated victory following drivers: Marcin Jedlinski, David Vršecký, Filip Sandström, Nik Štefančič, Matěj Ivanuša a Paolo Brajnik.