Who took the most wins in 2018?

Who took the most wins in 2018?

This year‘s ESET MMSR championship saw many different winners. From some well known names to rookies. But who took the most wins this season?

In 2018, it was the Polish champion Marcin Jedlinski. He won the best trophy in eleven races. Six of them in Sprint races and five in Endurance races. It is no surprise he won both championships.

The second best driver after Jedlinski was Tomáš Erdélyi with five wins and a championship trophy from GT3 Trophy. He also took four more wins in Endurance races. The third spot goes to two drivers – David Wasserman from Cruze Cup and Bartolomiej Mirecki from F3 Trophy. Each won eight races and dominate in their categories.

Josef Záruba can be proud after taking seven wins. This year’s GTC champion did exceptionally well in Sprint races and he won in six of them. The number seven then was the only time he came under the spotlight in Endurance races – at the beginning of the year at Hungaroring.

Two drivers celebrated six wins. Milovan Vesnič dominated the TC-3500 Sprint category and a Clio Cup rookie Michal Makeš won six times in a row and won the championship as well.

And how did the season go for other champions? Tomaž Trček managed to win only one race but he still took the Twingo Cup championship trophy home after beating a four-time winner Alfred Kramer. Paolo Brajnik and Andrea Cola, who fought for the Formula 3 title, won three races each, but it was Brajnik who celebrated in the end. And in the ESET Endurance the champions Lubomír Jakubík (GT3 Trophy), Maťo Konopka (GTC) a Csaba Tóth/Gabor Kismarty-Lechner (TC-3500) have all two wins each.