Who is going to take 2nd place in Renault Clio Cup?

Who is going to take 2nd place in Renault Clio Cup?

The final two races of the Renault Clio Cup season are going to offer a battle for 2nd place in the championship. And there are still five drivers in the game.

This weekend also marks the final round of the Renault Clio Cup season. While the championship title has already been decided, there is still a lot to fight for at Hungaroring. The battle for 2nd place overall is still wide open.

At the moment, it is Adam Rzepecki who is closest to the 2nd position in the championship standings. The Polish driver has 66 points, while his brother Tomasz Rzepecki, who is also his teammate at Basenhurt team, has 9 points less than him and is currently holding 3rd place.

Adam Rzepecki is on the overall second place at the moment. Photo: Basenhurt

But there are 50 points on the offer during the race weekend in Hungary, which gives hope to many other drivers like Pawel Wysmyk (53 points), Levente Losonczy (36 points) and Jonas Karklys (25 points). All mentioned drivers are surely going to do their maximum for the best possible result.

However, there will also be a new champion Tomáš Pekař who has won all six races so far this season and his goal is to remain unbeaten also at Hungaroring. Yet, his participation is now in question following his accident in practice on Thursday.