The victorious comeback for Jedlinski

The victorious comeback for Jedlinski

Marcin Jedlinski had a reason to celebrate during his comeback to our championship. He won the first GT Sprint of the weekend at Hungaroring. Adam Lacko finished second and Daniel Skalický was third. Sergej Pavlovec won in GT4, Miro Konopka won in D5 and Kálmán Bódis in GTC.

We can see the comeback of the Olimp Racing team during the last round of the 2020 season at Hungaroring. The Polish squad was one of the top contenders in GT3 category in the past. And they are fighting in front also this time.

This is thanks to Marcin Jedlinski. He shone already on Friday, when he set the fastest time in qualifying. And he dominated also in the Saturday´s race. His Mercedes-AMG GT3 spent the full distance on the first place. Jedlinski achieved both the overall victory in GT classification and in GT3 category.

But Jedlinski wasn´t only one driver of Mercedes-AMG GT3, who clinched the podium result in GT3. Adam Lacko from Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing also did it. The 2017 European champion in truck racing finished on the second place. So he don´t have a reason to be ashamed of his first start with GT car after ten years.

The situation on the first two races wasn´t very dramatic. But it was a different in the battle for the third place. Gregor Zsigo showed a great fighter drive there. The championship leader of GT3 Sprint started from the fifth place. But he overtook Stanislaw Jedlinski and also Daniel Skalický gradually and it seems he will be third at the finish. But he made a mistake in the final phase of the race and dropped to the fifth place.

So it was Daniel Skalický, who stayed on the podium with Marcin Jedlinski and Adam Lacko. Stanislaw Jedlinski, the second driver of Olimp Racing and father of Marcin Jedlinski, had to settle with the fourth place.

Skalický is one point behind Zsigo in the GT3 Sprint championship standings now. But if Duck Racing team will keep the original plan and Petr Kačírek will race in tomorrow´s sprint instead of him, Skalický won´t be able to defeat Zsigo in the championship battle. It that will happen, Zsigo will secure the title.

Gregor Zsigo is close to the championship title of GT3 Sprint.

In GT4, Sergej Pavlovec from RTR Projects team won and became the new championship leader of GT4 Sprint before the final race. He has a nine-points lead ahead of Ferenc Ficza, who didn´t finish today. Miro Konopka took the triumph in D5 and Kálmán Bódis in GTC.

The race began behind the Safety Car. The neutralization was announced after the crash of Jacek Zielonka in the warm-up lap. The already mentioned Ferenc Ficza also retired in the warm-up lap. He parked his car on the grass.

The second GT Sprint of the weekend is on the schedule from 10.40 tomorrow.