Jedlinski won also in GT3 Endurance, Skalický is the new champion

Jedlinski won also in GT3 Endurance, Skalický is the new champion

Marcin Jedlinski managed to win also GT3 Endurance at Hungaroring. Adam Lacko and Aliyyah Koloc were second and Daniel Skalický, who became the new champion, was third. Tomáš Miniberger with Sergej Pavlovec won in GT4, Václav Janík and Balázs Volentér triumphed in D5 and Tomáš Pekař with Richard Meixner celebrated in TWC1.

Marcin Jedlinski achieved two victories on Saturday. After the morning’s triumph in sprint race, he celebrated both victories in GT classification and in GT3 class also in the one hour long Endurance race.

The Olimp Racing driver started again from the pole position in GT3. But his way to the triumph was more complicated this time.

Although he stayed in the lead after the start, he had a hot moment early. He collided with Miro Konopka. While Konopka spun and dropped in the order, Jedlinski was forced to leave the track. But he kept the first place after the return to the ideal line.

But he lost the top position before the pitstops. He was overtaken by Adam Lacko, who drove also Mercedes-AMG GT3 car, and also by Štefan Rosina.

But he didn’t spent long time on the third place. He was back ahead of Rosina very early and his return to the first place came when he overtook Aliyyah Koloc, who replaced Adam Lacko behind the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing car. Since that moment, Jedlinski dominated and his lead was bigger than one and a quarter minute at the finish.

Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing fought for the GT3 victory, but Marcin Jedlinski was better.

But if you expected that Koloc, who raced with GT3 car for the very first time, will continue to fall in order, you were wrong. She finished on the second place and stayed on the podium with Adam Lacko after the race.

Daniel Skalický crossed the line just behind Koloc. But he didn’t have a reason to be sad. He became the 2020 GT3 Endurance champion.

Štefan Rosina and Gregor Zsigo from Trevor Racing, who fought for the podiums in the opening phase of the race, didn’t finish in TOP 3 in the end. Their BMW M6 GT3 car finished as a fourth.

RTR Projects team also scored the second victory of the day. Their crew Tomáš Miniberger – Sergej Pavlovec was best in GT4. Miniberger could celebrate the title at the same time. The championship battle was decided already in warm-up lap, when Ferenc Ficza and Branislav Mičko retired due to the technical issues. Ficza was only one driver, who had the chance to defeat Miniberger.

In D5, we saw a great fighter drive of Miro Konopka. The ARC Bratislava driver falled at the end of the order after the mentioned accident with Jedlinski, but he was able to move to the first place in the rest of the race. But he penalized later a dropped to the second place. Balázs Volentér and Václav Janík from Autoklub JV Sport could celebrate the victory after that.

TC-2.0 category also wasn’t boring. Another big fight between the crews Tomáš Pekař – Richard Meixner (Carpek Racing) and Tomáš Enge – Yasmeen Koloc (Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing) took place there. It was especially Pekař and Enge, who provided a great show to fans. They changed the position many times in the second stint. But it was again Carpek Racing team, who took the victory. Pekař was only by 288 thousands of the second ahead of Enge at the finish. But Buggyra also could celebrate, because Yasmeen Koloc is the overall winner of TWC1 Endurance.