Skalický just wants to finish

Skalický just wants to finish

One of the drivers who won’t miss the opening round of the season at Grobnik will be Daniel Skalický. The Duck Racing driver is preparing for GT3 Sprint races and Endurance events as well, in which he will be sharing his car with Petr Kačírek. His main goal is to finish the race as he revealed in our interview.

Daniel, in Grobnik, you will be racing in a GT3 category with Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3. In both, sprint and endurance, races. In the case of Endurance, your teammate is going to be Petr Kačírek. What are your goals?

The main goal is to finish the race and not damage the car. While Grobnik is a nice track, it’s also slightly dangerous. Of course, I’m dreaming of a podium, but it won’t be easy. There will be drivers like Milota with Mercedes-AMG GT3 and because we have an older car, we expect to be slower than him. My main goal is to finish the race.

Is Grobnik one of your favourite circuits?

It’s a very nice and technical track, like Poznaň. They’ve made a new asphalt, which is nicer to drive. But run-off areas are not good enough. In one of the right-hand corners, there is a rock just like 30 metres away from it, which is not comfortable. If anything happens to the car there, you hit it. In another run-off area, they kept one older safety fence, which doesn’t make any sense and it’s dangerous. It’s a track that’s more dangerous than newer circuits, but it’s also beautiful. So, you could say it’s amongst my favourites.

How were your pre-season preparations? And how much you were affected by the coronavirus?

I’ve done pretty much zero preparations. I didn’t even drive on a simulator. There was no time, because we had to take care of our companies, so they could keep running. So, I’ll be relying solely on experience from last year.

Apart from Grobnik, do you plan to race also in the rest of the events of the season? Slovakia Ring, Brno and Hungaroring?

Sure! With Duck Racing, we’ll do everything.

Daniel Skalický during last year´s event at Slovakia Ring.

What about other championships? Like 24H Series?

We might do another 24-hour race at Barcelona. But the question is if it’s going to happen at all. Another option is to do 12-hour race at Imola. I’d like to do at least one of the 24-hour or 12-hour races, but I don’t know which one and with who. It’d be nice to do 12 hours at Imola, it’s a beautiful track with a big history. I’ve never been there before. But of course, it’s Italy, so you don’t know how it’s going to be…