Salvatore Liotti won the ESET Formula race, Kovács third in the debut of the new F4

Salvatore Liotti won the ESET Formula race, Kovács third in the debut of the new F4

The Grobnik circuit became the venue for the first separate race with formula 4 cars. The winner of Saturday’s ESET Formula sprint was the Italian Salvatore Liotti.

The starting field consisted of older F4 Tatuus T014 cars. However, there was one new Formula 4 in the field with the name Tatuus T421, which was brought there by the Trevor Racing team for the Hungarian rookie Zéno Kovács. In qualifying, he was getting used to the new formula car and set the seventh fastest time.

Giovanni Maschio started from pole position ahead of Salvatore Liotti. Elia Galvanin and Andrea Bodellini started from the second row. Liotti took the lead in the second lap, followed by Maschio and Bodellini. The first three drivers drove together and it was clear, that race winner would be decided from this trio. Maschio tried to pass the leader Liotti, but his attack was not successful and instead he dropped to third place.

Liotti and Bodellini were able to move from their opponents and continued with their own race. In the meantime, other drivers caught up Maschio and started a fight for third place. Tommaso Lovati was the most active driver, so Zéno Kovács took advantage of their fights, who overtook Andrea Raiconi and moved just behind Maschio and Lovati.

There was a contact between Maschio and Lovati, thanks to that Kovács moved up to fourth. Entering the last lap, Kovács also passed Maschio and finished the race in the third place on his debut with new formula 4 car. Andrea Bodellini finished second and Salvatore Liotti won the race.

ESET Formula Grobnik 2022 – Race 1