Ralf Ott: rookie and instant champion

Ralf Ott: rookie and instant champion

Ralf Ott found a new drug in his life – race cars. He started racing in 2021 and next year he won the GTX class in endurance with KTM GT4 Evo with MZR Racing team.

Ralf, how did you enjoy your season in ESET Cup?
It was really big experience for me. Although I didn´t participate in all races, in those I started, it was difficult and fun in the same time. There were lot of cars on the track and I tried to do best in the car, as I only started racing in 2021. It was the time, when I sat behind the wheel of the racing car on the slick tires for the very first time. I gained some experience in the first year and then in ESET Cup, I became better driver.

As you said, there were a lot of cars on the track with different speed across all classes. How did you cope with that?
I think racing in ESET Cup is very fair. Most driver raced fair play and carefully, so I had no problems. That´s really important for me. I don´t race for the trophies, but for fun. I mean trophies are great, but mostly we want to have a good time.

Which race do you remember most?
I know Grobnik very well, so I was looking forward to race there, unfortunately due to the tragic accident, the race was cancelled. I also enjoyed Slovakia Ring.

I though you would say Hungaroring, where you won your class in quite difficult weather conditions…
Well, the weather wasn´t really problem. My KTM GT4 Evo hadn´t full power, much less than around 390 horsepower, so the wet track wasn´t tough. Actually less power was better for me.

So what about the following season?
We will see. The problem is, that I have a business in car industry and the actual world situation isn´t good for me. So I had to wait for better times. If the business will grow up, I will definitely race again. It´s great adrenaline. Best drug on the world.

Photo: ©Peter Tomschi.