Filip Salaquarda won the first sprint at Hungaroring

Filip Salaquarda won the first sprint at Hungaroring

Czech racer Filip Salaquarda won the first race at Hungaroring in an Audi R8 LMS GT3. He started from pole position in the 25-minute sprint and after a brief battle with Neil Verhagen, he crossed the finish line in first place.

Filip Salaquarda and Miro Konopka with LMP3 started from the front row, followed by Neil Verhagen with a BMW M4 GT3 and Libor Milota with a Mercedes GT3. The first corner went smoothly in the nearly thirty-car field, and Salaquarda held onto first place ahead of Verhagen, while Konopka dropped to fifth. However, Konopka soon overtook the GTC category Lamborghini cars and settled into third overall.

In the GTC category, there was a change in the order. Dennis Waszek, who started in the most advantageous position, couldn’t hold onto his position against Jáchym Galáš, and the driver from the Mičánek Motorsport team took the lead in his category.

Shortly thereafter, there was contact between Tomáš Konvička with KTM and Zoran Kastratovič with Chevrolet, and the Croatian driver remained stationary on the track after hitting the tire barrier, and the safety car had to come out. Several laps were run behind the safety car, and the race was restarted with seven minutes remaining.

Salaquarda held onto the lead, but Verhagen stayed close behind and looked for an opportunity to overtake. The intense battle between German automakers for first place in the ESET GT was one of the highlights of the entire race. However, Salaquarda maintained an extremely fast pace, and Verhagen gradually began to fall behind in first place.

Filip Salaquarda won the GT3 category in the sprint for the second time this season, ahead of Neil Verhagen and Libor Milota, who finished fourth overall. Miro Konopka with the Ligier LMP3 prototype finished third overall. Piotr Wira finished fourth in the GT3 classification, and Petr Kačírek finished fifth.

Jáchym Galáš won the GTC category, having managed a great start and held onto first place until the end. The reigning champion, Dennis Waszek, finished second, defending his position against Matěj Pavlíček. Franz Lahmer finished fourth with a Porsche 992 Cup, and Petr Brecka finished fifth with a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

Zéno Kovács with the Racing Trevor team’s BMW M4 GT4 won the GT4 category. His teammate, Antal Zsigo, did not start the race, and Kovács easily surpassed his competitors Andrej Lahem with a Mercedes and Matej Kosič with a Porsche.

Alexander Ober with the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 won the GTX category, and Nemanja Milovanovic with the Hyundai i30 won in the TCX category.

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