New generation of Clio Cup leads the future

New generation of Clio Cup leads the future

At the end of 2019, Renault Sport introduced a brand-new 5th generation of its Clio car. And this year, we will finally see it in action. Our championship is introducing a separated category for the ‘Gen 5’ Clio cars, starting in 2021.

The Gen 5 car, based on Renault Clio R.S. Line, features a turbocharged 1.3L V4 engine, with 180 bhp. It can achieve up to 300 Nm with 6,500 rpm. The car’s minimum weight is 1,040 kg.

If you are interested in this car, you can order it from the Renault Sport’s official distributor S.A.D.A.C. s.r.o. (e-mail And you will be pleased about the price as well, which is lower than for the previous Gen 4 car – it is only 37,900 EUR (+VAT).

Also, the new Renault Clio R.S. Line is not limited only to circuit racing, but if you use a special kit, you can enter rally and rallycross events as well. This car will be available for showing during our race weekend at Slovakia Ring in August.

title photography: Renault Sport