On the way to the title. Pekař and Kadlečík can already celebrate in Slovakia

On the way to the title. Pekař and Kadlečík can already celebrate in Slovakia

The penultimate event of the Clio Cup season will be hosted at Slovakia Ring this coming weekend, where races have already taken place in June, allowing all drivers to accumulate the necessary mileage. Among the favorites are, of course, the leaders of the overall standings in Clio V and Clio IV – Tomáš Pekař and Martin Kadlečík.

Tomáš Pekař from the Carpek Racing team holds a 58-point lead at the top of the points table ahead of Nik Štefančič. If the Czech driver maintains this lead or does not drop below 50 points after the Slovakian races, he will secure another title in the Clio Cup. And it is likely to happen. Pekař has won six out of eight races, with two of them taking place at Slovakia Ring.

As usual, Carpek Racing will have the advantage in the starting field. Alongside Pekař, Henrik Seibel will once again compete, having achieved his first victory of the season in Most. Also joining the team are Szabolcs Lantos and local driver Radoslav Obrtal.

The only team that matches Carpek Racing in terms of the number of entered cars is Lema Racing, represented by Miha Primožič, Andrej Makarović, David Malinkovski, and second-place contender Nik Štefančič, who has not finished worse than third position this year.

In the Clio V classification, Austrian driver Martin Fischer, Petar Milodarović, Ivan Mandić, Dejan Robida, and local driver Ondřej Fekete will also compete.

The situation in Clio IV is similar to that in Clio V. Martin Kadlečík, who remains unbeaten, has a perfect record of eight victories in eight starts and holds a 56-point lead over second-placed Michael Hulm. Therefore, the same applies to Kadlečík as it does to Pekař – if Kadlečík leaves Slovakia Ring with a lead of at least 50 points, the title is in his pocket. However, Adam Konopka can significantly influence the race outcome, as he excelled here in June, showing that the home track suits him. Michael Hulm and Jiří Zbožínek, driving blue-colored Clio IVs, will also be present in the field.

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