I love my car, says new champion Libor Milota

I love my car, says new champion Libor Milota

Red and white Mercedes AMG GT3 and Libor Milota behind the wheel. This was a championship combination this season. Milota achieved the title in the ESET Cup GT3 and at the same time became the overall winner of the ESET Cup, which includes both sprint and endurance points.

Libor, you have achieved the ESET Cup title, what does this result mean to you?
I am very happy, the title in both championships has a great value for me. This is another level my of racing growth, when to score points in one race is not enough, you need to be smart, race wisely and keep the bar high throughout the season. This is an award for the whole team, I see the success as a diploma for the work done throughout the season.

But before the first event, you weren’t sure if you would be racing the whole season. What changed your mind?
I was worried about whether I could fit the race calendar into my already full work calendar and family life. At the same time, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with the rest of the starting field. I carried so many question marks with me and I didn’t want to promise something, I wasn´t sure about. In the end, it all worked out and I’m happy about it today.

You drive for the GT2 Motorsport team with a Mercedes AMG GT3. How old is the model and how did it race against newer and advanced cars?
Our Mercedes is the first evolution of this GT series. This year marks six years since it left the factory in Affalterbach. And how did I like to drive it? It was fantastic! Someone I respected a lot in the racing world, once told me that if I wanted to win, I had to love my car. And I do! Our car is not at the cutting edge of modern technology for a long time, so the success we achieved has even greater value to us.

How many people take care of your Mercedes and how much of a benefit is it to have Erik Janiš as an engineer in the team?
Many people take care of the car, even if some of them weren´t present at the races. It starts at home with my fantastic girlfriend and children, continues through people from GT2 and ends with the mechanics, team manager Jirka Procházka from MIRAGE Motorsport and the team’s chief engineer, which was Erik Janiš this year. And how is the collaboration with Erik? He is a professional and he is the best in the Czech Republic in my view. However, one cannot single out one person from the entire team. Everyone involved takes a lot of credit and I can responsibly say, that during my racing career, I have the best background I have ever had this season. And that’s not only thanks to Erik, although his share is huge.

Which race do you consider to be your best this season?
The best race was probably Brno, but we also did well at Poznań or at Grobnik. The best race for me was always the one, where I competed with smart and fast guys. I think they know who they are. And it’s not just Dennis Waszek, Štefan Rossina, Josef Záruba or Gregor Zsigo. It has a sporting value for me and I like that a lot.

And when was the worst time for you behind the wheel?
The worst? Definitely at Hungaroring, where I got pole-position and crashed in the pace lap. That hurt a lot.

Are you already making plans for next year?
Plans are forming, but it is too early to mention anything. We are trying to work and move forward slowly, now we will finish the sponsorship obligations, rest for a while and then we will see what happens next.