Josef Záruba won on the home soil

Josef Záruba won on the home soil

The second race of Saturday’s program was the ESET Sprint of prototypes and GT Cars, which was won by both Josef Záruba in the GTC category and Libor Milota in GT3.

Libor Milota started from the first place with the Mercedes AMG of the GT2 Motorsport team. Milota escaped his pursuers in the GT3 category already in qualifying, so his team-mate Dennis Waszek with the Cup Lamborghini Super Tropheo stood by his side in the first row. For Waszek the most serious opponent was the third Josef Záruba with a newer specification Lamborghini Super Tropheo.

Due to the large number of GT cars and prototypes, the starting procedure was split. First, the prototypes started behind the pace car, led by Miro Konopka in LMP2. A few seconds later, the GT cars took off.

Milota lost his first place already in the first corner, when Záruba from the Mičánek Motorsport team pushed his way to the first place. In the next corner, Waszek moved to second place overall and Milota fell to third position. Unfortunately, racing action didn´t last long. There was an oil leak at the Schwantz corner and several minutes passed before the marshals cleared the place.

The race did not start until ten minutes before the end. Záruba kept the lead and Waszek maintained contact with him, who was also being pushed by Milota. This pair, although with different cars from different classes, fought throughout the race. However, they reached the finish line in this order. Spectators’ attention was mainly focused in the back positions, where the battle between several GTC cars and Gregor Zsigo with the BMW M4 GT3 took place.

The winner of the GTC race was Josef Záruba ahead of Dennis Waszek and Clemens Stadler with the Porsche 911. The GT3 category was clearly dominated by Libor Milota, who won ahead of Petr Kačírek with Audi and Gregor Zsigo with BMW. The victory was important for the Czech competitor, as it confirmed the title, he had been aiming throughout the season. Exactly 136 points in the ESET Cup Series GT standing are enough to prevent second Gregor Zsigo to overtake the lead.

In the GTX category, Denis Liebl won with KTM GTX ahead of Martin Koch with KTM GT2. Antonín Herbeck was classified in third place. In the D5 category, as expected, Miro Konopka won with a Ligier JSP2 ahead of his son Maťo with a Ligier LMP3 and third Max Grip KTM X-Bow.