Jakub Wyszomirski: Competition will be really strong

Jakub Wyszomirski: Competition will be really strong

Polish driver Jakub Wyszomirski is looking forward to this year season. He is going to drive Honda Civic TCR again, but competition in ESET TCR will be stronger than ever before – and that´s a big challenge for him.

You will continue this year with Honda Civic TCR. What kind of the preparation have you done on the car?

Yes, my plan is to continiue with Honda Civic TCR, but it’s still a lot of things that have to come together within next mouth to make it happen. The car is currently during the preseason overall check, we need to change some parts, make gearbox revision and other nessery works to prapare it for the season.

This season will be really tought as ESET TCR championship attract quite a lot newcommers. What are your goals this year?

I really enjoy increasing number of drivers interested in ESET TCR championship. In 2018, I won last race of the last ESET round in Brno, I will try to stay on this level this year but it’s not gone be easy for sure.

You gain a lot of experience with Honda last year, do you think it will be advantage for you over your new opponents?

Having expirience is always good, but I think it’s still a lot of work to do around me and the car, so we need to be focused on that. I belive everyone would be prepared very well this year as the level of competition in ESET increase a lot year by year.

How hard is to find an ideal setup balance on the TCR car?

Very hard, Honda is perfect itself, for me it’s very agressive, which I like, but to understand it and find the ideal setup you need to do your homework and check all step by step. To explain that, when I first time came to Hungaroring with Honda we set basic setup, I thought it’s gone by easy to understand the car, than I spin twice on the track before finishing first 10 laps. After that I knew it’s not gone be “that” easy. Now we have some more experiance but still you need to be patined all the time.

How do you like to be part of ASK Vesnic team? How do you co-operate with Milovan and the team?

For me it’s like a family. Last year I recived more than a lot of support from all sides, perfect possibilities to learn from very experiance driver and team, we have a lot of disscusions before and after each track visit, that helps me to understand my mistakes and to correct the car setup if we need. ASK Vesnic is proffesional and very well organised race team, During race weekends thay always had a lot of work with my car and thay always did it perfect. They spend long hours with me working hard  with analizing the telemetry and other car setup datas, we watched onboards to find all issies with the car or the drive.

What do you think about the new co-operation with ESET and oficcial TCR?

I think this is very good, everyone was waiting for this last year, it opens new possibilies and makes all ESET championchip even more attractive, more drivers, more media interest, I think this gone be a great season for all of us.