Filip Salaquarda dominates endurance race

Filip Salaquarda dominates endurance race

The first turn of the evening endurance race went smoothly, and the nearly thirty-car field safely navigated the critical moment. Salaquarda held onto the lead, and Libor Milota moved up to second place. Miro Konopka with the LMP3 prototype dropped to third, but in the second turn, Gregor Zsigo with the BMW M4 GT3 sent him spinning out of the track. Konopka eventually continued, but Zsigo retired from the race.

The safety car was immediately deployed, and the race continued under yellow flags for several laps. After ten minutes, green flags were waved, and the race resumed. Salaquarda easily led the way ahead of the pair of Mercedes driven by Libor Milota and Piotr Wira.

Salaquarda continued to dominate the relatively calm race after pit stops, and no one could catch up to the Czech driver. Miro Konopka worked his way up to second place overall and won the D5 classification.

In the GT3 category, Libor Milota from GT2 Motorsport finished second behind Salaquarda. The team of Piotr Wira and Dan Arrow finished third. Dan Skalický, who returned with an Audi RS LMS Ultra GT3 after missing the race in Oschersleben due to technical problems, claimed fourth place.

In the GTC category, the duo of Josef Záruba and Kurt Wagner with a Lamborghini from the Mičánek Motorsport team dominated. The pair of Petr Brecka and Karel Neffe with a Porsche finished second, and Franz Lahmer, also with a Porsche, battled for third place against the Czech team of Lah-Kosič with a Mercedes AMG GT4, but ultimately the Czechs held onto their position.

In the GTX category, the KTM brand celebrated a double victory. Václav Janík won with the KTM GTX, and the duo of Petr Lisa and Pavel Sovička finished second with the same car. Alexander Ober with the Lamborghini Huracan claimed third place.

In the GT4 category, the same brand took the first two places. Zénó Kovács won the race with the BMW M4 GT4, followed by the team of Zsigo-Walter. Lah-Kosič with the Mercedes AMG GT4 finished third.

Adámek and Groszek won the TCX category with the Audi RS3 LMS TCR 2021, ahead of Wiesmeier-Lemmerhoffer with the Cupra TCR. Christian Hans Peter Eder with the Cupra finished third. Szabolcs Lantos won the TWC2 category.