Ernst Kirchmayer controlled the pace and wins second sprint

Ernst Kirchmayer controlled the pace and wins second sprint

After yesterday’s sprint and endurance win, the Austrian racer Ernst Kirchmayer also won Sunday’s sprint, thus takes the maximum number of points at the Red Bull Ring.

Ernst Kirchmayer with a Ferrari 488 GT3 was again dominant on the track. After the start, he defended the position from Gregor Zsigo with a BMW M4 GT3 and then just controlled the lead of the race. Libor Milota with a Mercedes AMG GT3 kept pushing Zsigo, but again he did not find a way for overtaking. Stanislaw Jedlinski finished fourth with another Ferrari 488 GT3, Piotr Wira was fifth with a Mercedes AMG GT3 and Petr Kačírek sixth with an older Audi R8.

Dennis Waszek with Lamborghini Super Trophe was again king of the GTC category. In the overall standings, he managed to squeeze between faster cars, but the trophy for GTC was what really mattered. Porsche cars again outnumbered the starting field with Wolfgang Triller finished second and Denis Watt third.

Predag Sainovic won the GT4 category with the Mercedes AMG GT4. Petr Švantner set a fastest lap with a BMW M4 GT4, but in the end he had to settle for second place ahead of his teammate Samuel Vetrák. The close GT4 battle confirms a gap of just 1.6 seconds between the first Sainovic and the third Vetrák.

Martin Koch won the GTX category with the KTM GTX and the winning cup in the GTC-x category went to see Max Grip.

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