Dullinger company is offering damper´s service and repair

Dullinger company is offering damper´s service and repair

Dullinger is an Austrian company that focuses on repairing dampers. All ESET MMSR competitors can use their services at every venue.

Introduce yourself, what do you do?
We are a leading provider for Service and optimization of racing suspensions. We do Setting changes of racing dampers, but also just rebuild it. We work together with all leading brands (Sachs, KW, Öhlins, Reiger, etc.) and have latest machining and a lot of spare parts in stock. Our customers are mainly in professional Racing series, like GT-Masters, Carrera Cup or TCR.

What is behind your cooperation with ESET MMSR?
ESET cup has a lot of interesting teams and cars in the series. We see it growing and expect further growing in future. We want to help the teams and the organisation and being a part of ESET cup at all. We want to work very close to the teams, to improve performance of the teams and so for the whole series.

What benefits can drivers and teams expect?
We can provide service and rebuilding of racing dampers precise and in a fast time. We can improve the suspension of ESET Teams with better settings or parts. ESET Teams get 10% Discount on damper rebuilding and get as much support as possible.