Dennis Waszek and Gregor Zsigo won the endurance race

Dennis Waszek and Gregor Zsigo won the endurance race

The Waszek-Zsigo duo dominated early evening endurance race at the Slovakia Ring and won despite a ten-second penalty after the contact with another car. Finishing Waszek even fought for the overall win with the LMP3 prototype.

The ARC Bratislava team started from pole position with the LMP3 prototype. Experienced Miro Konopka took on the role of starter. Alongside him, Stanislaw Jedlinski started the race with a Ferrari 488 GT3. Behind them lined up Libor Milota with a Mercedes and Gregor Zsigo with a BMW.

Konopka maintained the lead while Jedlinski lost second place to Milota. Gregor Zsigo chose a cautious start and also fell back several positions. However, he soon got behind Jedlinski and in the third lap he managed to pass the Polish driver despite the fact that there was a small contact between them. The stewards evaluated the situation as Zsigo´s fault and the BMW received a ten-second penalty after the race.

Milota unexpectedly made a mistake in the tenth lap of the race and went off the track. The rear wheels of the Mercedes drowned in a gravel trap and thus all efforts to win ended. The first place in the GT3 category went to Zsigo, who was soon to hand the car to Dennis Waszek.

Because of the dangerously parked Mercedes, the safety car came onto the track, right at the time of pit stop window. Pit stops did not fundamentally change the order, however, there was a threat of rain from the start of the race and all teams had rain tires on hand.

A quarter of an hour before the end of the race, it started to rain slightly, but the rain did not intensify and the driversr remained on dry tires – on an increasingly slippery surface.

Meanwhile, Dennis Waszek, who replaced Gregor Zsigo behind the wheel of the BMW, started chasing the leader Maťa Konopka with a Ligier LMP3. Both run almost identical times and the difference between the prototype and the GT3 car was less than two seconds.

However, the close gap remained until the end of the one-hour endurance and nothing changed in the overall standings. As expected, the Konopkas won the overall classification, Waszek-Zsigo won the GT3 category ahead of the Jedlinski-Korzeniowski pair with the Ferrari 488 of the Olimp team. Libor Milota with a Mercedes was classified in third place with a loss of five laps.

The GTC category was dominated by Martin Kaczmarski and Mateusz Lisowski with PTT Racing’s Porsche 992 GT3 Cup. The Austrian Clemens Stadler finished behind the Polish pair with another Porsche. The first three positions for the German brand were confirmed by Petr Brecka and Karel Neffe in third place.

In the GT4 category, the pair of Predrag Šainović and Luca Panizzi with Mercedes AMG GT4 drove for the winning trophy. Christian Wimberger was happy winner in the GTX category with a Lamborghini Huracan.