Cruze Cup is decided, while there is still a three-way battle in Twingo Cup

Cruze Cup is decided, while there is still a three-way battle in Twingo Cup

The final round of ESET MMSR championship will see also the last races of the season for Cruze Cup and Twingo Cup. While the championship is already decided in Chevrolet Cruze category, there is still a lot to fight for with small Renault Twingo cars.

David Wassermann managed to win six out of six races in the Cruze Cup and has the maximum possible amounts of points. His nearest rival, Christopher Pflügler, is more than 30 points behind him which means that the championship is already decided. No matter what happens in Brno.

A completely different situation is in the Twingo Cup. There are still three drivers who are fighting for the championship title and there are only three points between them. Tomaž Trček, Stefan Kramer and Alfred Kramer will fight for every single point and it will not be decided until the finish line.

At the beginning of the year it all looked like a big battle between Kramer brothers, but Trček always closely followed and took many podiums. In the end, he also managed to grab a big win at Slovakia Ring which moved him to the lead of the championship.

There are no doubts that Brno is going to offer some exciting battles for the championship win between Trček, Stefan Kramer and Alfred Kramer. Also, Jaka Marinšek still has a mathematical chance to win, but his competitors would have to be very unlucky in both remaining races.

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