Vršecký and Enge unstoppable in GT Endurance

Vršecký and Enge unstoppable in GT Endurance

The GT Endurance race at Slovakia Ring was dominated by David Vršecký and Tomáš Enge, who were victorious also in a GT3 category. In a GT4 category, Ferenc Ficza and Lubomír Jakubík took the glory, while Renault Clio Cup win went to Yasmeen Koloc and Téo Calvet. In a D5 category, Miro and Maťo Konôpka crossed the line in 1st place.

The Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team had a successful Saturday at Slovakia Ring. After David Vršecký won a GT Sprint race, his team also dominated in a one-hour GT endurance race. Once again, with a Mercedes-AMG GT3. This time though, Vršecký shared his car with a famous Czech driver, who raced in 3 races in Formula 1 (2001), took part in Indianapolis 500 (2005) and also won a 24 Hours of Le Mans in a GTS category (2003) – Tomáš Enge.

But this strong duo did not have it easy, especially in the first half of the race, which marked a long battle between David Vršecký and Štefan Rosina from the Trevor Racing team. Rosina shared his seat with Gregor Zsigo. Later on, the gap between both cars had started to increase and Rosina with Zsigo had to settle for only 2nd place in the end.

Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing and Trevor Racing teams were joined on the GT3 podium by Duck Racing after Daniel Skalický crossed the finish line in 3rd position.

While the Trevor Racing team could not fight for a victory in the GT3 class, it was a different story in the GT4 category where Ferenc Ficza with Lubomír Jakubík won. For Ficza it was the 2nd win of the day as he already crossed the finish line in 1st place in a previous GT4 Sprint race. They were joined on the podium by Filip Sajler, who had his series debut, and Tomáš Miniberger.

But it was still far from over for the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team, as the team got an opportunity to celebrate in a Renault Clio Cup category as well. Yasmeen Koloc and Téo Calvet, who is going to race in the European Truck Racing Championship later this year, won the race ahead of Thomas Fischer and Rene Martinek.

Slovak fans also enjoyed the D5 category, as a home driver Miro Konopka and his son Maťo from ARC Bratislava team won the race ahead of Tomáš Konvička.