Poschik and Lantos´s title fight to be decided in Brno

Poschik and Lantos´s title fight to be decided in Brno

Two youngsters from the Clio Cup of fourth generation will fight for the title this weekend. Tobias Poschik from Carpek Service team has the points advantage, but Szabolcs Lantos showed in the previous event that he will not give up easily.

Before the race in Slovakia, it looked like winning the title would be just a formality for Poschik. He But at the Slovakia Ring, Lantos really took off and after two wins he delayed Poschik´s premature coronation.

Szabolcs Lantos form NNR Team Hungary currently has 142 points, 35 points less than Poschik. If Lantos will win both races, take pole-position and set the fastest laps, he would have collected 54 points, meaning Poschik would only have to finish fifth in both races and still take the title.

It can therefore be stated that only in the case of great bad luck or technical problems would Poschik not become this year’s champion. During the season, he achieved three wins and finished second five times. Lantos also achieved three victories this year, but scored fewer points. In addition, his second position in the championship is threatened by the experienced Miha Primožič, who is 28 points behind Lantos.

Tomáš Pekař from Carpek Service is leading the Clio Cup with fifth-generation cars. He won all the races he took part in – except for the last one at the Slovakia Ring, where he made a mistake and went off the track. Pekař has 9.5 points lead of over Henrik Seibel, whom he is mentoring this season.

In the Junior category, Poschik leads Lantos. In the Gentleman standings, Valter Nežič dominates ahead of Richard Maixner.

Saturday’s race is scheduled in 13:10, Sunday’s finale will be in 10:50.