ESET Cup Series Karting introduces affordable motorsport for young racers

ESET Cup Series Karting introduces affordable motorsport for young racers

The Slovak Karting Club and ESET company have partnered to develop and educate young racers. Now in the middle of its season, the ESET Cup Series Karting has already achieved success.

Motorsport is an expensive undertaking, and go-kart racing is no exception. However, the ESET Cup Series Karting provides an affordable alternative. Parents can register their child, pay the entry fee, and race without any significant additional expenses. For complete beginners, the organizer provides helmets, gloves, and racing suits. The goal is to give kids a chance to try racing and see if it could be their future. The go-karts provided by the organizer are also randomly assigned to ensure no one is favored.

The ESET Cup Series Karting is open to children aged 7-15. In addition to trophies, the most successful racers receive various rewards, such as discounts on racing gear or the opportunity to test powerful go-karts.

The series has already had two races in Bratislava and Hodonín, with 26 racers from five countries participating. Slovak and Czech racers dominated the field, but the second half of the season will move to Austria and Poland, where local racers are expected to have an advantage.

The success of Maximilian Sovič and Richard Beňka in the ESET Cup Series Karting demonstrates the potential of this series for young racers. These two racers earned a spot in the Sodi World Series at the Slovakia Ring after their performances in the ESET Cup Series Karting. Representing the Slovak Karting Club team, they achieved top-three finishes. Twelve-year-old Beňka placed third in the Junior category, while eleven-year-old Sovič won the Kids category.

The ESET Cup Series Karting is closely linked to the F4 CEZ formula series and touring cars, which ESET also supports. The path from go-kart racing to higher categories can thus lead through this series for every young racer.

ESET CUP SERIES Karting 2023
Junior Cup

23.04.2023 – MAX60, Bratislava, Slovensko
17.06.2023 – Motokáry Hodonín, Česko
20.08.2023 – Kart Racing, Pachfurth, Rakúsko
07.10.2023 (TBC) – TOP1 Karting, Wroclav, Poľsko