Bertilsson took his second win of the season

Bertilsson took his second win of the season

On Sunday, the Clio Cup Bohemia series continued with the second race of the weekend at Grobnik and Erik Bertilsson took his 2nd win of the season. The Carpek Service driver finished ahead of his teammate Filip Sandström, who struggled with technical issues, and Balint Hatvani.

For Sunday, a special starting grid rule applies which puts the first seven drivers from Saturday in reverse order. That put a local driver Valter Nežič into a pole position ahead of Predrag Šainovič and Yasmeen Koloc. Yesterday’s race winner Filip Sandström had to start from only 7th place.

Even despite the reverse grid, the Swedish driver quickly made his way to 3rd place. And soon after, the Carpek Service driver also got ahead of Šainovič and Nežič. After that, he started building a crucial gap and it all looked like a 6th win of the season for him.

However, that did not happen. At the very end of the race, Sandström struggled with technical issues and he had to slow down, which allowed his teammate Erik Bertilsson to take a lead and win his second race of the season after Poznan, Poland. All that despite starting from 10th race, as he faced a puncture on Saturday.

Sandström even shortly dropped to 3rd place behind Balint Hatvani, but Hatvani slowed down in the end, to allow his ZSP Motorsport Kft. teammate Levente Losonczy to take 3rd place, to gain more points for the championship.

But in the end, it was a different story. Post-race penalties changed several things, including a 3rd place finisher, that went to Hatvani, while Losonczy dropped to 5th position. Miha Primožič finished in 4th place between both Hungarian drivers. Juuso Panttila took points for 6th place, despite his struggles at the beginning of the race. Behind him it was Yasmeen Koloc, Sandi Jeram, Rajmond Terčič and Predrag Šainovič.

Opening photo: Petr Frýba