Zoran Poglajen stays loyal to Renault Clio

Zoran Poglajen stays loyal to Renault Clio

Dark-yellow Clio with touch of gold colour is comming back after winter sleep. Zoran Poglajen really like this french car and he wants to conquer podium finishes.

You are going to race with Renault Clio again. Where we will see you?

Yes I will race with new prepared Clio cup in the season 2019. I am interesting in Clio cup Spain/France, Clio cup Italy and Eset Clio cup. I am not decided yet. I will make a decision with my team manager Mirko Marinšek within 14 days.

This will be your third season with Clio if I´m right. How do you like racing with this cup car and how hard competition is in cup racing?

I like clio cup very much. It is a proper race car and very fast beast. The car is a pure race car without any assistance in braking or anti slip regulation.  It is also a pretty damn fast car with very good corner speed. The competition is top because a lot of young guys started to compete with this car to gain experiance in such championships. Last year I attend the world clio cup competition in Paul Ricard and compete with a very fast guys who are also a professionals. It was a very good experience.

Haven´t you thinking about to move to faster cars?

No but I am looking forward in clio cup 5. I heard that will have more power and will be faster.

What are your goals for upcomming season?

If I started in Eset Clio cup my gola is to win as many races as it possible and to finish champioship on podium.

How does your winter preparation look like?

My winter preparation was in the gym and also in the swiming pool . I also attended some testing days in the race tracks.

Which are your favorite tracks?

My favorite tracks are: Redbull Ring, SlovakiaRing and Grobnik – Croatia