Opponents are great, says champion Max Grip

Opponents are great, says champion Max Grip

Austrian driver Max Grip won the LMP class in sprint races. He only missed two events, in the remaining four, he was always fast in his KTM X-BOW from MZR Racing team. Two victories and four podium finishes were enough for winning his class and also in the Touring Car Masters championship, which was run together with ESET Cup.

Max, you have collected a lot of trophies at prize giving ceremony…
Oh yes, more then I expected, to be honest. I´m surprised. There were a lot of different classes and categories, however I´m not really chasing the rewards and trophies. But I´m always happy, when I received some.

How did you enjoy the 2022 season?
I must say I really like the ESET Cup series. I´m pleasantly surprised with the opponents. They are professionals, not unexperienced drivers like in others series. So the racing on the track with a lot of cars was good.

Which race do you remember most?
I think the best race was at Hungaroring. The weather conditions were bad, it was cold and often wet. The car didn´t worked during the practices at all, but we managed to find a better setup and finished second behind LMP car.

You have been racing with KTM X-BOW, how the car suits you?
I like the KTM. It´s very fast car with good handling. We have a lot of KTM car in our MZR Racing Team, from X-BOW types to GT4. And a lot of fast drivers.

Are you considering staying in ESET Cup for next season?
It depends. I mean I would love to continue, but I have a business to take care, so if the race dates will be fine with my work, I wouldn´t rule out to do complete season.

Foto: © Peter Tomschi