Second Formula Race at Hungaroring Controlled by Italian Trio

Second Formula Race at Hungaroring Controlled by Italian Trio

The second formula race at the Hungaroring in this season was dominated by a trio of Italian pilots driving F3 Dallara monoposts.

The first rank belonged to Andrea Cola (Monolite Racing), repeating his yesterday´s victory. The second rank points were scored by Ricardo Perego (Twista Italia) and the bronze medal was enjoyed by Lorenzo Rasero (Puresport).

The category for older formulas F3 Trophy was won by last year´s champion Bartolomiej Mirecki (Formula Renault) of BM Racing Team. The second rank was occupied by Manfred Lang (Dallara Opel/LS Performance) and the bronze medal was received by the Austrian veteran Franz Wöss of Franz Wöss Racing.

“This is my 37th season so I only enjoy the racing now, nothing more. I am glad I still manage to keep pace with my younger colleagues. Here there were nearly thirty of them and I believe we enacted two beautiful races to the local fans,“ were the words of the Austrian matador leaving the parc fermé.

Also the Czech pilots Antonín Sús, Václav Šafář and Tomáš Chabr stayed at the leading ranks.

Antonín Sús ranked fourth in the F3 Trophy category and Václav Šafář in his monopost Formula 4 added another winning cup to his collection from this ever new category. Tomáš Chabr of Chomutov, after the Saturday bad luck, advised that he was not prepared to start the Sunday race. In the end his damaged Renault formula was prepared for the Sunday race after all and the Nestor of the Czech formula racing could thus at least take home with him from Hungary score points for the eighth rank.