Piotr Wira is also preparing in Southern Europe, he is thinking about regular podiums

Piotr Wira is also preparing in Southern Europe, he is thinking about regular podiums

Polish driver Piotr Wira raced with a Mercedes AMG GT3 last year. He is going to drive this car also in this season, therefore he isn´t hiding his ambitions for more frequent podium finishes.

Piotr, you won last race of the 2021 season, so which goals have you set for this season?
Yes, we have ended the 2021 season with a win. It was an award for the hard work we accomplished as a Team. We are very happy for this win because it was our first season in the GT3 category. The main objective for 2022 is to finish all the races in which we will start and, if we are lucky, to be frequently present on the podium.

You will be driving Mercedes AMG GT3 again. I guess every driver has a room for improvement with a car he already knows. How is it with you and GT3? Which areas do you want to improve this year in term of driving Mercedes?
As I mentioned before, the 2021 season was my first in GT3 category and the third in my racing history, so I still have a lot to do in perfecting my skills with the AMG GT3. Our joint work with the Team and collecting more track experiences will result in more effective driving.

Does your team Good Speed Racing work on Mercedes AMG GT3 during winter? Is there any technical improvement, so the opponents should be a little bit worried about your performance?
The AMG GT GT3 is a very good car with unique potential. Good Speed Racing Team is constantly working on the full use of it on individual tracks. My competitors – colleagues, probably just like me are preparing for the 2022 season during the winter break. First races will show how much use of this time they made.

One of the event of the season is in Poznan, your home circuit. Is it your favourite track, or does another circuit in the calendar suits you better?
I am very happy to race in Poznań. It is especially close to all the fans in Poland. Obviously I will want to show myself from the best side. The 2022 calendar, however, has unique tracks such as Red Bull Ring, Grobnik and Brno and it is there that I will have a unique joy of racing.

How does your off-season looks like? How do youprepare for racing during winter-brake?
Snow and frost is not the environment for racing cars, so we have moved our preparations for the 2022 season to Portugal, Spain and generally to the south of Europe. To places and tracks where weather conditions allow for effective training and progress.