Nik Štefančič won the first race of Twingo Cup at the Red Bull Ring

Nik Štefančič won the first race of Twingo Cup at the Red Bull Ring

Exactly 31 Twingo Cup cars gathered at the start of the first race on Sunday at the Red Bull Ring. A close battle on the long straights of the Austrian circuit lasted until the very end of the race and it was reigning champion Nik Štefančič, who crossed the finish line first.

Nik Štefančič started from pole position alongside Mihail Mladenović, followed by Luka Glazer and Marko Blazevski in the second row. Milan Vuković and the leader of the standings Matej Ivanuša started from the third row.

Despite more than thirty cars, the first laps went without incidents and the drivers were constantly changing the positions on the long straights. After three laps, the first six drivers raced within one second and it was no different in the following rounds.

Although some drivers managed to get into the lead by several meters, they weren´t able to hold the position, as a group of drivers behind them took advantage of the slip stream and again caught up with the race leader. The order of the race changed continuously, even several times in one lap.

In the last minutes of the race, a group of nine drivers formed in the lead and their tactics began to become more and more aggressive. In the end, last year’s champion Nik Štefančič managed to cross the finish line first in front of Mihail Mladenovič and Matej Ivanuša. Twingo Cup debutant Martin Kadlečík finished in fourth place and Marko Blazevski finished fifth. Nik Štefančič also won the junior category ahead of Mihail Mladenovič and Martin Kadlečík.

Twingo Cup – Race 1