Matěj Korený takes his first win in Twingo Cup

Matěj Korený takes his first win in Twingo Cup

On Sunday, Renault Twingo Cup series continued with Race 2 at Slovakia Ring which offered a dramatic finale – Matěj Korený was in the right place at the right time when Mark Škulj and Niko Stefančič collided at the end while battling for the lead and the Czech driver could take his first-ever win. Jaka Marinšek finished 2nd and Škulj crossed the line in 3rd.

Just a day before, the Renault Twingo Cup series gave fans a tight battle for the win between Mark Škulj and Niko Stefančič, which Škulj won in the final metres. It looked like a similar story today as both drivers quickly pulled away from the others and started battling for the lead.

But everything changed on the main straight at the beginning of the final lap, where both Slovenian drivers crashed into each other. It was worse for Stefančič, who spun out, just nearly avoided barriers and dropped to the back of the field.

It was not good for Škulj either, who had a badly damaged car and dropped behind Matěj Korený and Jaka Marinšek in the final corners. And all that while they were fighting for positions themselves, therefore they suddenly battled for the win.

In the end, it was the Czech driver who crossed the line earlier and he became the 1st driver to stop Slovenian dominance in the championship. Marinšek finished in 2nd place, with Škulj in 3rd.

„This is most definitely the best result of my career so far and I‘m very happy about it. It didn’t look like a win at the beginning, because I wasn’t even in the TOP 4. However, we managed to catch up with the leaders who then crashed into each other and I only had to overtake one of them to win. And I managed to do so in the final corner. I’m glad it worked out like that,” said the happy winner Korený.

Gašper Dernovšek put together a great performance as well. After he was affected by technical issues during the formation lap, he had to start from the back of the grid. Yet, he managed to finish in the 4th place, which just confirms his pace after yesterday’s podium.

Then there were also three special guests. Today, it was Petr Fulín who took the best result as he finished 5th ahead of Miro Horňák.

Samuel Sládečka, who won in the GTC category today, finished only 13th this time, but he was still classified ahead of Nik Stefančič.