Matching team mates Gregor Zsigo and Dennis Waszek

Matching team mates Gregor Zsigo and Dennis Waszek

Although the Slovak-Czech duo made their debut in endurance race in May at Slovakiaring, since than they have delivered balanced performance, which helped Gregor Zsigo to winning the championship. He stood on the podium in all races. Dennis had one start less, but together they celebrated two victories and Czech driver took third place in championship.

After winning GT sprint championship, Gregor Zsigo achieved same success in Endurance.

When did you start believing it could work out?

Only at the Brno after the finish. Until then, the duel with Marcin Jedlinski was open. Marcin won the last race, but we only had to finish second. We successfully ended a successful season. We went for the victory step by step and it worked out for us. The team worked very well again and we had no issues with our proven BMW M6 GT3.

What was the most beautiful race for you?

Definitely Grobnik. The Croatian circuit is all about your heart and I like that. And for the first time, Dennis and I won there. And as I´m remembering last season, most difficult race was in Poznan, where the weather was terrible. We started in a crazy rain and yet we managed to get into the lead. But I spun and we lost first place.

You are also a co-organizer of the Eset Cup Series, how satisfied were you with last season?

The ninth year of the series was of a very good standard and confirmed that it holds its position as the most prestigious cup in the Central European region. At the beginning, it seemed that the situation about the covid-19 would complicate our season again, but we managed it drivers also helped us with their responsible behaviour and approach to the races.


Dennis Waszek had exceptional race weekends. He raced in most of them with the Lamborghini Super Trofeo in the sprint and with the BMW M6 GT3 in endurance.

Dennis, have you experienced anything like this as a driver?

No, it was the first time in ten years of my racing and I admit I wouldn’t wish it to anybody. The offer from Gregor Zsig was, of course, tempting, but then I found out that getting used to such different cars quickly is not easy. The BMW M6 differed in driving characteristics because it has a completely different aerodynamics. But it was much more difficult to get used to the fact that the seat is located almost in the place of the rear seats. You have a long car nose in front of you, but as you sit low, you basically don´t know where the beginning of the car is. It’s the other way around with the Lamborghini. You are in front of the windshield and the car behaves differently. It is easier to drive fast with a BMW. Lamborghini has great performance, but worse chassis. You had to fight with the car in the turns. On the other hand, you drive flat out with BMW. Every time I changed the cars, it took me two laps before I used to the behaviour of the car.

How did you enjoyed the fight with Marcin Jedlinski?

We knew he was a great driver who would not be easy to defeat. On the other hand, we did everything we could to make it happen. I think Gregor and I created a very good crew that had the only goal – winning. It was exciting. I’m glad we succeeded, even though I missed Hungaroring race and finished third in the championship.