Libor Milota won the opening GT race at Hungaroring

Libor Milota won the opening GT race at Hungaroring

The opening race of the ESET GT 2022 season at Hungaroring was won by the fast Libor Milota with a Mercedes AMG GT3. However, the race was affected by a lengthy stage spent behind the safety car.

The starting field was very diverse, thanks to the sports cars from the Austrian TCM Championship. Adam Rzepecki pushed himself to the top of the ESET GT classification with a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. However, soon after the start, Miro Konopka took the lead with a Ligier LMP2 Prototype.

Martin Koch from the TCM Championship crashed five minutes into the race. The Swiss driver spun with his KTM on the start/finish straight and hit the barriers pretty hard. The safety car had to go on the track and stayed there for several minutes.

Just seven minutes before the end of the race, the green flags were waved and Miro Konopka held the first-place position. Behind him, a duel broke out between Libor Milota, Antonín Herbeck, and Adam Rzepecki. Dennis Waszek took advantage of their fight and also got involved in the battle for the podium.

Milota eventually got away from the opposition, while Waszek overtook Rzepecki and Herbeck. In other positions, a battle broke out between Petr Kačírek with an Audi, Gregor Zsigo with a BMW M4, and Stanislaw Jedlinski with an Audi.

The winner of the GT3 category was a dominant Libor Milota with the Mercedes AMG GT3 of the GT2 Motorsport team. Second place in the GT3 class was taken by Stanislaw Jedlinski with the Audi R8 LMS of the Olimp Racing team, and Gregor Zsigo finished on the last podium step with a new BMW M4 GT3.

Dennis Waszek triumphed in the GTC class with a Lamborghini Super Trophy from the GT2 Motorsport team, which doubles the success of this team, thanks to Libor Milota’s win. Adam Rzepecki finished second with Basenhurt A&T Racing’s Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. Petr Brecka took third place with same Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, albeit in the colours of the GT Sports Technology team.

The defending champion in the GT4 class was also successful. Matěj Pavlíček, driving the KTM GT4 of the RTR Projects team, finished first and was practically unbeatable in his category. Newcomer Petr Švantner from the Šenkýř Motorsport team scored second place in a BMW M4 GT4. Third place was taken by Radomir Djurić with the KTM of the AMKK Verba Sport team.

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