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Zoran Kastratovic will drive Yvan Muller´s championship car

PR Apr 4

Zoran Kastratovic moved for 2019 season behind the wheel of Chevrolet Cruze WTCC, which dominated World Touring Car Championship in the past.

You are going to race with Cruze WTCC. What´s the story of the car? Where did you get it?

My new car is ex factory car driven by Yvan Muller and winning 2011 World Championship. Car was bought from Nikka racing team which was also Chevrolet team-Sweden. Rickard Rydell and Michel Nykjær was also drivers of my car in the 2012/2013.

Have you already tested it? How do you like the car?

Unfortunatly there was not a time for testing but the car is great. Very solid with suspension, good torque because of turbo and plenty data logging posibilities.

Won´t be difficult to start season without testing?

I will do my best to meet the car very well and give my best in 2019 season. We are very experienced and find ideal set up will not be a problem for my team.

Which circuit do you think will suit you best? And suit the car?

Hungaroring suit Turbo cars and I will do my best on it. Slovakia and Brno are also my favorit tracks

What are your goal for the new season?

Winning ESET MMSR.