The next TCR season will be unveiled in Warsaw

The next TCR season will be unveiled in Warsaw

The ESET V4 Cup is going to unveil its next TCR season at the Warsaw Motor Show this weekend.

If you are Motorsport fans and you have to Poland this weekend, then do not miss this exciting opportunity. This weekend, Warsaw hosts its 5th annual expo called Warsaw Motor Show in the Ptak Warsaw Expo Center, one of the biggest motor shows in Europe. It begins on Friday, 25th October and ends on Sunday, 27th October.

And the ESET Cup will be present at this biggest motor show in Poland. The series plans to officially introduce its 2020 plans for the TCR category. In case you are interested, then definitely visit the event to find out all the news for the next season. The ESET Cup will be sharing its booth with RTM Motorsport team and Maciej Laskiewicz, who raced in this year’s TCR premiere season.

As it is a motor show, there will be also some of the cars that raced in the 2019 season, including a Honda Civic TCR of Jakub Wyszomirski or Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR that was drive by Laskiewicz.

We will see also the car of Jakub Wyszomirski on the exhibition Warsaw.