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Stefančič wins the opening Twingo Cup race, Škulj crowned as champion

PR Oct 10

Nik Stefančič won the opening race of Renault Twingo Cup series at Hungaroring. Mark Škulj finished in 2nd place, which is all he needed to become this year‘s champion. Tomaž Trček took the 3rd place.

The Renault Twingo Cup series did not promise a dramatic season ESET V4 Cup finale at Hungaroring. Mark Škulj had a huge lead by 58 points and he would have to be incredibly unlucky to lose the championship. And the Slovenian driver did everything he could to secure the title.

His LEMA Racing teammate Nik Stefančič had the best weekend. First, he took pole position and then he dominated the whole opening Sprint race. He crossed the line in the 1st place with a more than a 7-second gap.

But Škulj, who finished 2nd behind his teammate, did not mind. He joined Richard Chlad jr., Michal Makeš, Paolo Brajnik and Tom Beckhäuser in celebrations and he became the 5th driver to win a title today.

Stefančič and Škulj were joined on the podium by Tomaž Trček, last year‘s Twingo Cup champion. Trček did not have exactly a good season and 3rd place was his best result in the whole year.

Before the final round at Hungaroring, Jaka Marinšek was the only driver with a mathematical chance to stop Škulj. But his first race of the weekend did not go well as he finished in only 4th place.