Yellow was the colour of GTC class season

Yellow was the colour of GTC class season

Dennis Waszek from GT2 Motorsport Team was superior in the GTC class for the whole season. His yellow Lamborghini SuperTropheo was always on the top, but because he missed two rounds, the championship went down to the wire.

Waszek won both sprints at Hungaroring and repeated this success also at Red Bull Ring. He was fast enough to fight with GT3 cars, so he was on the route to the championship.

However everything changed in Poland. Waszek crashed his car pretty hard and the Lamborghini had to be repaired. Waszek missed not only both sprints at Tor Poznaň, but he also didn´t start at Grobnik. It was an opportunity for his opponents to close up in the driver´s standings.

Last year champion Adam Rzepecki with Porsche 911 has it´s own problems at Red Bull Ring and didn´t score a point. He also changed the car during the season and moved to the TCR Eastern Europe. Austrian Dennis Watt with Porsche 911 had enough pace to score a couple of podium finishes, but he was also more or less out of contention. Martin Kaczmarski with Porsche 911 won first sprint at Tor Poznań, but he missed first round at Hungaroring, so he was not enough close to Waszek in term of points. The only driver who had a serious chance for championship was Petr Brecka with Porsche 911. Czech driver from GT Sports Technology was finishing on the points during the whole season and as Waszek was missing, he took the victory in second sprint at Poznaň. Brecka also won the first race at Slovakia Ring, which moved him up into the lead of the standings. Waszek was back at Slovakia Ring, but missed the opportunity for double and only win the second sprint.

The difference between Brecka and Waszek was only eight points. It was no secret, that Waszek will be faster in the season finale in Brno, but as the 2022 season showed us, anything can happen. But Waszek left nothing to chance. He again dominated sprint races among ESET GTC class and scored maximum points in both occasions. Clemens Stadler finished behind him twice, Martin Kaczmarski with Dennis Watt completed the podiums on Saturday and Sunday. Brecka finished outside podium, but he still kept his second place in the championship behind Dennis Waszek, who won his first title in GTC class. Third in the standings is Martin Kaczmarski, fourth Dennis Watt and fifth Adam Rzepecki, who didn´t participate in last two rounds.

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