The best race for me was at Slovakia Ringk, said Bartlomiej Mireck

The best race for me was at Slovakia Ringk, said Bartlomiej Mireck

Bartolomiej Mirecki is a new champion of F3 Trophy and overall winner of L21 Remus Formula with Paolo Brajnik. Polish driver didn´t expected so succesful season at all.

You have won F3 Trophy and also overall L21 Remus Formula classfication with Paolo Brajnik. Did you expect this kind of results before the season?
Yes I won F3 trophy, so I'm really happy for that it wasn't easy. Also I'm on first place with Paolo, we are both winners! On Hungaroring I was really fast, that gave me some 'space' for rest of season, but if someone told me before season that I can win I will told him if he is crazy haha! It's really nice to win with a lot of faster cars than my.

Which race are you going to remember for a long time?
I think Slovakiaring first race. It was crazy beggining of race, start under safety and cars on slick tyres when half of track was wet. Also after 4/5 corners I wasn't sure if the race was start. But that 2 laps gave me big big gap for rest of drivers, and that finish... just 0.005 between me and Paolo and also less than 0.2s than Janos. I think it was the smallest different in top 3 in whole ESET championships.

You are often able to defeat drivers with faster cars, especially at wet track. How satisfying is it for you?
I really like to drive on wet track it shows experience of drivers. Overtake of faster cars was really hard, in corners I haven't got as much aero and on straight less of speed. I alwasy tried to do as much as I can and use 110% power of my car! After race I was really happy if I can fight with better cars.

Which circuit in this year calendar of ESET was your favorite?
Hmmm I really like Brno, it's technic track and hard to learn, with few specific corners. I won here all of my previous tittle, so I have good memories from here.

What are your plans for the rest of this year and what are your plans for next year?
Plan for resy of season is 2 raceweekend in NEC championships where I'm in top 3 and want to fight for that, also we planning to start in 10h endurance race at Brno witj VW Golf Cup with rest of our team members. And as we drive since 2015, start in December in Warsaw Rally in Poland with our Subaru Impreza n12. For next year I can't tell so much, it's depends of budget. But I think it's not my last season in ESET.

ESET Mistrovství Slovenské republiky 2018

27.–29. 4. Hungaroring
18.–20. 5. Red Bull Ring
4.–5. 8. Grobnik
17.–19. 8. Slovakia Ring
8.-9. 9. Brno
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