Matthias Lodi: In Twingo Cup, you can win from last position

Matthias Lodi: In Twingo Cup, you can win from last position

Matthias Lodi was leader of Twingo Cup since the first race until the last race and became the champion of not only Twingo Cup, but also overall ESET Tourwagen Cup.

You have won Twingo cup and overall TWC. What does it mean for you?
It's a tough emotion to explain. I started the season with the intention of winning the Twingo CUP, but I did not think I could win even the absolute! Especially after having made zerou points in second race at Slovakia Ring. I've never won an ESET title before, and it's great to have won 2 in the same year. It's only thanks to my team Lema Racing, that I managed to win everything. 

You were the favorit since the beginning of the season. How difficult is to stay at the top in this very equal championship?
it is well known that the Twingo Cup Championship is very difficult and balanced, so I have been pushing the most from the first race to try to earn as many points as possible from the other riders. Already from the first race, I managed to go to the top of the standings and managed to keep the championship head to the end – with great effort. Compared to the other championships, the twingo cup is the one with the most overtakes! And is the most adrenalinik for the public. 

How important is to work with other drivers on the track in slipstream? Did you have slipstream buddy?
Slipstream is  fondamental, especially in single-branded championship like the Twingo Cup. Thanks to the slipstream you also get 15kmh more. The beautiful think of these races is that the winner is never safe until the last meters of the race and above all is that even if you start from the last position, thanks to the slipstream, you can win the race! I don't have a fixed Buddy. We all help each other, which extraordinary. 

What is your best memory for this season?
Two are the most beautiful memories of this season: the double victory at the Red Bull Ring and the Slovakia Ring victory from the last row due to an accident in qualifying. 

What are your plans for the next season?
For next season, the idea is to take part in the championship with Clio 4 – and to achieve my DRAM: to participate in the Italian stage of the ETCC with Seat Leon of my team.

ESET Mistrovství Slovenské republiky 2018

27.–29. 4. Hungaroring
18.–20. 5. Red Bull Ring
4.–5. 8. Grobnik
17.–19. 8. Slovakia Ring
8.-9. 9. Brno
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