Champ at first try. Pirmin Weixler experienced great success at Cruze Cup

Champ at first try. Pirmin Weixler experienced great success at Cruze Cup

Pirmin Weixler have won Twingo Cup in 2016 and this year moved to Cruze Cup, where he become a new champion. „Big thanks to all my partners, which support me to become a champ! Also to my coach Tom, my team Pfister Racing and my mechanics for the perfect job and cars,“ said Weixler.

After first event at Hungaroring, where you have won two races, you score zero points at Red Bull Ring. Were you affraid, that chance for overall victory is over?
The first races are very unbeliveble for me, because I start the weekend without any training and directly won the first qualifying and get the pole position. The weekend at Red Bull Ring was very bad for me but it was my own fault and I learned for my future. But I knew, that the championship ends after the last race not after the fourth race. So I was trying for the best, because everything is possible!

Anyway, you came back and won both races at Most. How big relief was it for you?
I did my best and came back to the champonship. I think I couldn´t do it better with my double victory and I get very important points!

Were you nervous before the start of Brno races? You have won Twingo cup last year and now you were a little step from winning Cruze Cup...
No I wasn´t. I arrived relaxed and without pressure to Brno because I couldn´t lost anything after the fourth victories in this season. After the victory at the first race in Brno, I had enough points for the big goal if I finish the second race. So I had a lot of fun that weekend and enjoyed both races very much.

What is your best memory of this season?
The most beautiful moments are spread over the complete season. I have met many new friends, had a lot of fun and great fights wit my collegs on track. There isn´t a memory next to the Cup victory, which I would to put in the foreground.

And what about next season? What are your plans?
I would like to race in Octavia Cup or Clio Cup Central Europe but it´s all about money and support by my sponsors. So I can´t say any fix plans about the next year.

ESET Mistrovství Slovenské republiky 2018

27.–29. 4. Hungaroring
18.–20. 5. Red Bull Ring
4.–5. 8. Grobnik
17.–19. 8. Slovakia Ring
8.-9. 9. Brno
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25. 8. 2017 › 22:30 - Nova Sport 1
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27. 8. 2017 › 18:15 - Nova Sport 2
27. 8. 2017 › 19:00 - Nova Sport 1
28. 8. 2017 › 17:00 - Nova Sport 2
29. 8. 2017 › 22:00 - Nova Sport 1
30. 8. 2017 › 15:00 - Nova Sport 1
30. 8. 2017 › 18:30 - Nova Sport 1
31. 8. 2017 › 12:50 - Nova Sport 2
02. 9. 2017 › 13:00 - Nova Sport 1


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