Pavlíček says he is “very happy” about the first half of the season

Pavlíček says he is “very happy” about the first half of the season

Matěj Pavlíček has been a dominant force in this year’s GT4 category. The RTR Projects driver is having his debut season in circuit racing, and he is already leading the Sprint and Endurance standings. He is unsurprisingly happy with his progress, as he said in our interview.

It is your first-ever season on racing circuits, as you have moved from the karting scene. And it is looking incredibly well for you so far, as you lead the GT4 standings in both Sprint and Endurance series. How are you satisfied with the way things are going so far?

I’m very happy. My this year’s contract with the RTR Projects team came together at the very last moment and considering the fact, that my last racing experience was from karts back in 2018, we had no ambitions at all.

In the first two Endurance races of the season, you were joined in the KTM X-Bow GT4 by Erik Janiš. He is a very experienced driver who took part in Euroseries F3, Le Mans Series, Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe or ADAC GT Masters. Do you think that you have learnt something from him? Or that you have improved?

Surely. Erik is a great coach and every time we’re working together, he’s helping me to move forward using his experience. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

But in Poznan, Poland, you raced together with Tomáš Enge, who raced in Formula 1. How was it to work with someone like Enge, and what this experience has given to you?

It was an unbelievable experience to race with Tomáš, and it has given me a lot, as a driver. Tomáš is one of the most experienced drivers in the Czech Republic, and the way we worked together, was perfect. Tomáš is an incredible person, professionally and personally. He has given me many a lot of good advice and I’m very grateful for meeting him.

Tomáš Enge and Matěj Pavlíček finished second in GT4 Endurance race in Poznan. Photo: Petr Frýba

The RTR Projects team has also other drivers, like the team principal Tomáš Miniberger or Sergej Pavlovec with Filip Sajler and Gabriela Sajlerová. Are they helping you in any way?

I think that there’s a perfect atmosphere within the team and we’re helping each other in some way. And the friendly atmosphere is also thanks to our manager Kateřina Blahoutová.

Why did you choose this championship to get your first experience on racing circuits?

It’s simple. My father has known the RTR Projects team owner Tomáš Miniberger for years, and he has long-time experience with this championship. And it was Tomáš who told me that this series will be a great school for my first racing experience in big cars.

Would you recommend this championship also to other young drivers, who are at the beginning of their careers? If yes, then why?

Most definitely. Karting drivers like me have a great opportunity here to get used to everything.

What about your ambitions for the rest of the season? Do you believe you can win both the GT4 Sprint and Endurance championships?

Like I said before, I’ve got no ambitions at all. I’m just trying to focus on each race, to learn and gain experience. I’m not focusing on anything else, yet.

Matěj Pavlíček leads the championship standings both in GT4 Sprint and in GT4 Endurance after first half of the season. Photo: Petr Frýba

Do you see anybody on the GT4 category grid, who could become a really tough competitor for you for the rest of the season? Either in Sprint or Endurance?

Sure. Ferenc Ficza, with whom we’ve had some difficult battles already, but he won’t be the only one. There’s also the Buggyra Racing team and their Mercedes-AMG GT4. Also, there are Šimunovič and Lodi with Porsche Cayman. And there’s always room for someone new. We’re just at the beginning.

Matěj Pavlíček expects Ferenc Ficza will be a tricky opponent for him in the remainder of the season. Photo: Petr Frýba

This is just the beginning of your career. Do you have any plans for the future? Maybe to continue on the GT scene or would you be interested in trying something completely different? Touring cars of single-seaters?

I can’t answer that question just yet. Of course, I hope to get a chance to try something different one day, but for now, the priority is on the GT.

Why should the fans follow the GT4 category for the rest of the season?

The season has just begun and battles in the GT4 category battles will be very interesting. I’d definitely follow this series, as the competition is growing constantly, and the best battles are still ahead of us. We have a lot to look forward to, especially in the last two events in Slovakia and Brno.

Opening photo: Petr Frýba