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Nik Stefancic´s Exemplary Performance and Victory in First Sprint in Twingo Cup

PR Jul 7

The most numerous starting field was offered by the Twingo Cup race. Exactly 21 pilots grasped the steering wheels of the small Renaults and performed an excellent spectacle packed with overtaking manoeuvres to the tribunes over the pits.

The start from the pole-position was performed by Nik Stefancic followed by Mihail Milenkovic, and the interim leader Mark Skulj with the third best lap time in the time practice started from the third position in front of Mark Mramor. As usual in the Twingo Cup, the starting positions did not play any significant role in the race, the most important thing being to stick to the numerous group struggling for the lead in the course of the race and use the final meters of the finish straight in one´s own favour.

The Twingo Cup race was really dramatic, with for example Stefancic dropping down to the fifteenth rank, the leading ranks for a while occupied by the brothers Tomáš Korený and Matěj Korený, replaced after a while by Mark Mramor, Jaka Marinshek or Mark Skulj.

The thirteen laps provided many opportunities for overtaking manoeuvres, with one pilot overtaking repeatedly and continuously. After the drop to the very bottom of the starting field, Stefancic began to attack his rivals and make his way forward. In the final laps he already returned to the small leading group and finally deservedly won the dramatic sprint of the Twingo Cup. The second rank, with a loss of mere 0.069 seconds, belonged to Mark Skulj, followed by the brothers Tomáš Korený and Matěj Korený. The top five further included the fifth ranking Matěj Vončina.

Twingo Cup Race 1