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Michal Makeš wants to race in TCR

PR Oct 10

Michal Makeš has managed to win the Renault Clio Cup championship for the second time in a row. Of course, the Czech driver could try to get a hat-trick but the Czech driver has different plans.

Michal, you‘ve managed to defend your championship crown in the Renault Clio Cup series this year. I guess you are pretty satisfied with this season?

Yes, of course. I’ve had a very good season. Everything worked well and the only issue was Slovakia Ring, where I didn’t finish in a single race.

How would you compare this year’s title with the last season? Did you have to fight for it more? Or is it incomparable?

I’m not trying to think about it like that and to compare both seasons. However, the last year’s win definitely came as a much bigger surprise than this year. Last time I didn’t even think that there is a chance I could win the title. But this year, my goal was to defend the championship crown, which I’ve achieved.

What is your favourite moment of the 2019 season? Could it be Hungaroring, where you have clinched the title? Or some other race?

I had the best feeling after Red Bull Ring round in May, where I dominated in both races. So my favourite memory of the year is definitely on Austria.

And what about the worst memory? You already spoke about Slovakia Ring, which I kind of expected.

Yes, my worst memory would be the Slovakia Ring round. I had so much bad luck there. And to make it even worse, I had a really good pace there and I had a great potential to achieve great results.

Michal Makeš had a bad luck during Slovakia Ring round.

I would stay at Slovakia Ring for a moment. You’ve managed to dominate all races in the first three rounds of the season. Then came Slovakia and double retirement, which took away your championship lead. You even dropped to the 2nd place in the championship. That had to be a very difficult situation for you and and every driver can handle it. What was going through your head?

It definitely wasn’t comfortable. But it was important to let it go and move forward. It also helped that the next race in Brno was in just two weeks so I didn’t have much chance to think about that Slovakian disaster.

And the final question – what are your plans for the next season? Do you want to try to win your 3rd title in a row in Clio Cup? Or do you want to move to a different category like TCR? Or something completely different?

There is nothing official yet, so wait and see. But my goal is to race in the TCR.