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Matěj Korený: Twingo Cup is a contact sport

PR Jul 7

Matěj Korený can look back at his last race weekend with a smile on his face. In a highly-competitive Twingo Cup series and against almost 20 other cars, he managed to finish 4th and 5th in two races at Red Bull Ring. This talented young driver from Křenek Motorsport team has made a huge step forward and he hopes to repeat those results in the upcoming races. He is currently 6th in the Twingo Cup standings and he holds 7th place in the ESET Junior championship.

You have had your first races at Hungaroring and then at Red Bull Ring, which went especially well for you. What is behind your success?
Unfortunately, we struggled at Hungaroring for some reason. After that, we arrived at Red Bull Ring with almost no expectations, especially as I was very busy at school. However, thanks to an intense work with telemetry data, where I used the experience of my older brother, I’ve managed to fight for the podium.

It’s your 3rd year in the Twingo Cup series, where lie the biggest advantages of this series?
There are more of them. First of all a very friendly atmosphere in the paddock, so you can find a lot of friends who are willing to help you. For example when you are racing at some track for the very first time. Another advantage is that all the cars are exactly the same, so nobody can gain the advantage of several seconds per lap just because of a better car, as it happens in some other series.

Speaking of race tracks, what suits you better? Faster layouts with a great amount of slipstream or technical tracks?
I prefer technical circuits. I don’t like long tracks where you drive straight for a long time.

What about battles? Is it better to use tactics and wait until the end or push hard from Lap 1?
Personally, I’ve had a better experience of using tactics, because if you lose here, you always lose a couple of positions straight away. So sometimes it’s even better to not go into a fight and maybe lose that possible position gain. Twingo Cup is a real contact sport.

How important is the Twingo Cup series in preparing you for your motorsport career?
It’s a great series to learn all the ESET V4 Cup circuits. And I hope, that all that experience will help me to fight in the front once I make a move to the next category.

What goals do you have for the rest of the season?
Let’s wait and see. We didn’t have any ambitions after that bad experience at Hungaroring. But after the Red Bull Ring, I’d like to get into the TOP 5, maybe even TOP 3.