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Makeš is close to winning the Clio Cup championship

PR Oct 10

As the Renault Clio Cup championship is coming to the end, Michal Makeš has the biggest chance to win this year’s title. And that despite he is currently holding just 2nd place in the standings.

The Renault Clio Cup series was promising a thrilling finale for this year’s ESET V4 Cup series at Hungaroring. Coming to the final round, there are only two points between the championship leader Petr Majer and his closest rival Michal Makeš.

However, the situation has changed as Petr Majer cannot attend the event due to his work commitments, which opens up the road for Michal Makeš to win the championship.

In the 3rd place is currently Miha Primožič, but he is already out of the contention. Even though that there will be 60 points in play instead of usual 40 points, as there will be 3 Sprint races instead of usual 2.

So it all looks very good for Makeš, who just needs to avoid some bud luck, like earlier this season at Slovakia Ring. He is very close to defending his last year’s championship title when he fought with Jáchym Galáš. However, if something goes wrong and Majer claims the title, it will be his first-ever championship win.