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Makeš in the winning form on Sunday again

PR Oct 10

Michal Makeš managed to win also both Clio Cup races on Sunday at Hungaroring. While Miha Primožič and Zoran Poglajen joined him on the podium in the 2nd Sprint race, it was only Poglajen who also made it to the TOP 3 in the final race. Levente Losonczy then took the final podium spot in the 3rd Sprint race.

Makeš is still hungry for winning, even despite being crowned a champion yesterday. The Mičánek Motorsport driver was unbeatable on Sunday and dominated at Hungaroring. He also started from pole position in both races.

The two-time champion had to defend from Miha Primožič and Zoran Poglajen in the 2nd Sprint race on Sunday morning. While Primožič was not able to win, he could celebrate at least the 2nd place in the end with Poglajen settling for only the 3rd place.

However, the podium changed a bit in the final race. Primožič did not make it to the end and Poglajen could move to the 2nd position. He was then joined on the final podium by Levente Losonczy, who finished in 3rd place.