Category GTC dominated by Lamborghini Huracán cars

Category GTC dominated by Lamborghini Huracán cars

After three race weekends out of a total of six in this season, the ESET Sprint has a very clear conclusion in the GTC category: the Lamborghini Huracán cars are in control.

Mičánek Motorsport team has achieved first place in GTC this year in every race so far, thanks to their drivers Jáchym Galáš and Matěj Pavlíček. This young duo joined the Brno-based team at the beginning of the season and they have been dominating the GTC category with their Lamborghini cars. Even though only the best result from two sprints counts towards the championship, the duo has a solid point lead ahead of third-placed Dennis Waszek with an older generation Lamborghini.

Galáš, who transferred from touring cars to sports cars after several years, has won every race of the three held so far. He took the trophy in Oschersleben, Hungaroring, and Red Bull Ring. His teammate, Matěj Pavlíček, is his biggest rival, winning at Oschersleben and Red Bull Ring. The point difference between them is only seven points, and while Galáš had a slight advantage over Pavlíček in the first two races, Pavlíček was the one who managed to utilize the speed of his car to the fullest in the last race at Red Bull Ring, even though the initial Austrian sprint did not go as planned due to a minor contact with Galáš. We can definitely expect a series of dramatic duels until the end of the year.

The reigning champion, Dennis Waszek from the GT2 Motorsport team, is trying to compete with the Galáš-Pavlíček duo. However, he has a very difficult position with the older generation Lamborghini and even though he gave his younger rivals a hard time in several occasions, the performance deficit between the two generations of Lamborghini cars is noticeable.

Jáchym Galáš is leading the GTC category with 62.5 points since the first race, followed by Pavlíček with 55.5 points, and Waszek with 42 points. Franz Lahmer with Porsche 911 from the Kogelbauer Motorsport team is in fourth place, being the only driver who disturbed the dominance of Galáš, Pavlíček, and Waszek on the podium. Lahmer finished third in the second sprint at Red Bull Ring. It should be noted that he moved up to the bronze position after Waszek’s withdrawal.

Lahmer has collected 27 points, with Petr Brecka with Porsche from the GT Sports Technology team following him with 24 points, with his best results of the season being two fifth places at Hungaroring. Bob Bau, Lahmer’s teammate from Kogelbauer Motorsport, has collected 16 points. Manuel Süssenguth with Porsche 911, who started only in Austria, has 12 points. Michael Oliver, also starting with Porsche 911 and only in Austria, has gained 10 points. Kurt Wagner with Lamborghini from the Mičánek Motorsport team is in ninth place with eight points, having only participated in Hungary where he finished sixth. Richard Woschitz, another member of the Kogelbauer Motorsport team, has six points, as does Libor Dvořáček from Mičánek Motorsport in eleventh place.

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