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Kačírek won GT Sprint on Sunday

PR Sep 9

Petr Kačírek triumphed in Sunday´s GT Sprint race at Automotodrom Brno. He won also GT3 class. Sergej Pavlovec celebrated in GT4, Boleslav Waszek in GTC and Miro Konopka in D5.

The amount of this year´s GT Sprint winners increased to four. Libor Milota, David Vršecký and Gregor Zsigo were joined by Petr Kačírek. The Duck Racing driver, who replaced Daniel Skalický behind the wheel of Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3, showed a dominant performance after the start from pole position and he spent full race in the lead. Gregor Zsigo finished on the second place in GT3 category. But the yesterday´s winner from Trevor Racing didn´t have a reason to be so sad, because he still leads the overall standings of GT3.

RTR Projects team couldn´t do a better job in GT4 today. Their driver Sergej Pavlovec took the victory after four losses by Ferenc Ficza. But RTR Projects had two reasons to celebration, because Tomáš Miniberger, the teammate of Sergej Pavlovec, crossed the line as the second. Piotr Wira took the third place again. Ferenc Ficza, the winner of last four races, didn´t have the best day. He had to settle only with the fourth place and he missed on the podium for the first time in the season.

Boleslav Waszek won GTC, like yesterday. The D5 category also had the same winner as on Saturday. It was Miro Konopka. The Slovakian driver was added by the second Petr Lisa and by the third Jiří Svoboda on the podium.