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PR Apr 4

The current situation around coronavirus is affecting the whole sporting world, including motorsport. All different kind of series can’t start their seasons as organisers are forced to cancel or postpone planned events. Teams are struggling to survive, and drivers can’t do anything else than just wait at home. The only logical way, how to proceed right now and to help the entrants to continue racing and stay in touch with their fans, is to move to the world of sim racing. Exactly these were the reasons, why the ESET V4 Cup organisers have worked together with the Autoclub of the Czech Republic and the Autoclub of Slovak Republic to introduce the ESET iSERIES virtual championship.

“The virtual racing has become a vital part of the world of motorsport. Now, we introduce the ESET iSERIES which connects the real and virtual racing. This series is exclusively made only for the real teams and real drivers, who can now compete on racetracks at least in the virtual world,” said Josef Křenek.

The whole championship is set to begin at the beginning of May and will feature 5 rounds in total. All of them feature tracks from the real-life ESET V4 Cup series calendar. Up to 20 drivers are going to race with GT3 cars on virtual versions of Hungaroring, Red Bull Ring, Grobnik, Slovakia Ring and Brno.

“The spreading of coronavirus is affecting us all. To stay safe and not put others in danger, we need to respect social distancing. We will be racing again, but for now, only from home!”